Development Process

Our philosophy is to create highly functional partnerships with our clients as we work to understand your specific business requirements, processes, and overall vision. This comprehensive knowledge will shape our approach to a strategy most appropriate in supporting your business goals.

For most organizations, determining what is needed to realize the goals of a project is where help is often needed most. Apsurge will not only help you determine what is needed, but the best path to get you there.


The Discovery phase involves a two-way knowledge transfer process. We gain a deeper understanding of your business and project requirements; you learn more about our capabilities and the various technology opportunities available to you. Together, we establish priorities and goals, and build the roadmap to get you where you want to go.

Requirements Analysis

Requirements analysis is critical to the success of any development project. During this phase we will create the specification document which will be used as the blueprint to construct the proposed solution. A timeline will be created outlining the scope of the project and expected deadlines and deliverables.

Design & Architecture

With the now solid understanding of the business requirements and project scope, we are able to proceed with the design of the system which serves as the final blueprint for your solution. Architecture is concerned with making sure the software system will meet the requirements of the product, as well as ensuring that future requirements can be addressed.


Development is the part of the process where software engineers program the code for the project based on the blueprint defined during requirement analysis and design phases. Documenting the internal design of software for the purpose of future maintenance and enhancement is done throughout development.

Development and unit testing are performed in an iterative fashion. This means we will build the critical components first, deploying the system at frequent milestones. Accompanied with weekly feedback, these short iterations allow you to begin realizing a return on investment after only a short period of time. The end results of this agile approach are minimized risk and a more effective solution.


Our quality assurance and testing practices ensure delivery of high quality, user-friendly solutions which meet expected performance criteria. The system will endure rigorous testing to ensure that all requirements have been met, and all bugs have been worked out.

In addition to performing internal tests and documenting results, Apsurge helps the client with its own testing for end-user acceptance.


We double-check our work, get final approvals, and make sure that the mechanics of what we’ve produced are ready for prime-time. Before we send the final product out into the real world, we’ll suggest ways to get the most out of your launch, including ideas around search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. We will train your staff how to use and manage the solution.

Support & Maintenance

The relationship with our clients does not end by the completion of project. That’s why every solution we deliver comes with lifetime support. With our managed hosted solution option you don't have to worry about the support of hardware, software, backups and on-going maintenance. We take care of everything for you so you can maintain focus on your business.

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